Acacia honey - 40g - Hédène



  • Hédène was created from the meeting of two honey-lovers, Cyril Marx and Alexis Ratouis. They desire to offer refined varieties of French honey and wish to offer every gourmet the unique pleasure of tasting a refined French-style honey. They also happened to be honey-lovers, since both were born in a family of beekeepers and had experienced honey harvesting since their youngest age. They had both learnt at the apiary school  « Rucher-Ecole du Jardin du Luxembourg », in Paris.


    Born out of the French floral heritage and harvested with respect of an ancestral craftsmanship, Hédène’s monofloral honeys offer a sensory journey by their unique flavors, colors and textures. A special laboratory analyzes the presence of the pollen associated with each type of honey Hédène offers, thus certifying their quality.


    Harvested in Burgundy in the best apiary traditions, Hédène’s acacia honey possesses a wonderful aromatic finesse and an exceptional smoothness. The unique clearness of this acacia honey’s color guarantees you its high-end quality. An unforgettable tasting experience.  

  • 100% honey. 40g. Made in France.



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