Extra virgin olive oil - 100 mL -Nicolas Alziari



  • Son of a family of laundry workers, César Martin decided to start his own business in the manufacture of olive oil. He bought in 1868 an old mill in ruins in the Madeleine area in Nice. He met a great sucees.


    In 1900, Nicolas Alziari, César Martin’s son-in-law took on responsability the company and had the idea to borrow techniques used in the world of wine, champagne, coffee or chocolat : assemble different varieties. He went on campaign across Europe in search of rare varieties of olives, agreeing perfectly with the local variety. It spent years and an unique know-how to create outstanding assemblies, that make the reputation of the house from that day.


    It is the last traditional mill in operation in Nice, dating from the 19th century and completely restored. It uses the traditional techniques of first cold pressing.


    For more than 100 years, the olive oil «La Fruitée Douce» is the subtle exception types ripes harvested. Stem from the best soils, this «grand cru» has an unique fruit taste and draw slight but complex flavors of almond and artichoke.




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