Chesnut / pear jam - 250g - Confiture Parisienne



  • In the city of gastronomy, two young Parisian women -one from the restaurant business, the other from advertising for organic brands- have decided to undertake their own French revolution, in the art of making jam. Dismissing the blockbusters of the category -strawberry, apricot- they created subtle flavors, mixing unexpected ingredients, creating collections inspired by the seasons. This couture way of seeing morning toasts is so typically French that it could only be named Confiture Parisienne.


    The image of this jam «Chesnut, pear and Tonka bean» is a delicate flavor of pear mixed with the texture of chestnut and a touch of Tonka bean. It’s like rain on a rooftop or autumn wind in your hair as you walk around the Château de Versailles beside the phantom of Marie-Antoinette. Beware : some have lost their heads over this.

  • This jam is so particular that you can taste with a little spoon. Also, with bread, brioche, or cream cheese and goat cheese will be please your taste buds. Ingredients: Chestnuts, pear, sugar cane, lemon, Tonka bean. Total sugar : 59%. Fruits : 62%.  250g / 1,4oz. Keep refrigerated after opening and eat quickly. Made in France.



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