Chocolate biscuits - 40g - La Pierre Qui Tourne





  • La Pierre Qui Tourne is an unusual organic biscuit maker founded by Isabelle and Benoit Amiel from Compiègne: two ultra-foodie artisans who enjoy taking an unconventional approach. They carefully select excellent ingredients with which to make their unique-tasting biscuits.


    Legend has it that in the heart of the Compiègne forest lies a strange stone at the foot of a hundred-year-old tree. And if by chance you go near one night at Christmastime, you may suddenly see it turn...


    These ultra-chocolate biscuits in a crunchy coating have just one aim: for you to enjoy the intensity of the 70% chocolate with malted, roasted, almost caramelised notes which give a flavour you could virtually mistake for an intensely chocolatey brownie. These biscuits are for true chocolate lovers only.

  •  Organic Brown Cane Sugar, Organic Butter, Organic Demeter Semi-Wholemeal Flour, Organic Eggs, Organic Bitter Cocoa Powder, Organic Chocolate Chips, Organic Natural Vanilla Extract, Organic No-Phosphate Baking Powder, Salt 40 g. Store in a dry place. Keep away from light. Made in France.



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