Gâtinais honey biscuits - 44g - Les Deux Gourmands





  • Les Deux Gourmands is the story of two friends who love gastronomy and are both fascinated by the world of agriculture. The two founders Louis and Guillaume took on a crazy challenge : to comb the Paris area in search of the best local producers and then create 100% Île-de-France biscuits and honeys. The ingredients all come from the Paris region. They are carefully selected and used to make the delicious biscuits at their farm in the Yvelines area, close to Paris.


    These Gâtinais honey biscuits are an update on a traditional flavour from a region famous for its flora. The honey is harvested by Camille and Thierry Sergent in the heart of the French Gâtinais Regional Nature Park. Its strong and powerful flavour is imbued with the richness of the honey, the result of tireless work by thousands of bees.

  • Wholemeal Flour, Fresh Butter, Sugar, Honey (12%), Eggs, Baking Powder (Wheat Starch, Bicarbonate of Soda, Potassium Bitartrate), Salt. 44 g.  Consume quickly after opening. Made in France.



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