Little fruit jellies - 300g - Maison Boissier

  • Since 1827, Boissier has truly embodied the purest tradition among confectioners. The Maison was created by the young confectioner Mr Bélissaire Boissier who invented a new glazing technique and was the first person to produce marrons glacés. He was also responsible for the metal boxes which are so emblematic today. Maison Boissier has now entered the history books and still perpetuates the unique expertise and flavours of Bélissaire Boissier, who sold his now legendary creations to the elegant female Parisian elite. As it has moved premises and expanded its activities over the years, Boissier has brought joy in turn to people living in different parts of Paris : Boulevard des Capucines, Avenue des Champs Elysées, Boulevard de Courcelles and Avenue Raymond Poincaré. Maison Boissier is today located at 184, Avenue Victor Hugo in the 16th arrondissement.



    “My darlings, thanks to Boissier, we fall joyfully at your feet as the strong can be overcome with bombs, and the weak, with sweets”. Victor Hugo (nineteenth century) was already lauding Maison Boissier with these words. You will find strawberry, lemon, apple, orange and plum flavours in these little fruit jellies.

  • Sugar: 30.47%, Glucose Syrup: 10%, Fruits in varying proportions: 50% (strawberry, lemon, apple, orange and plum pulp), Citrus extracts,     Flavourings, Colourings: turmeric E100 0.03 % - cochineal E124 0.10% - grape skin extract 0.10 % - chlorophyll 0.10 %, Gelling agent: fruit pectin: 9 %, Acidifier: citric acid 0.20 %. No other ingredients are used. 75g. Store in a dry place. Made in France.



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